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Four Different Ways Easy Choice Wireless Outshines the Competition

You most likely want a simple experience—a hassle-free process

4 Reasons Easy Choice Wireless Outshines the Competition

Finding quality internet service does not have to be complicated. You most likely want a simple experience—a hassle-free process of plugging in a device and easily connecting to email, social media and work tasks. If you have no signal, you are effectively stranded, with no way to communicate on digital devices. For instance, public Wi-Fi is not secure and using a phone for a hot spot means less power and reliability. Who wants that kind of spotty signal when you are on an important Zoom call? In addition, it is easy to incur huge data overage charges when you rely on your phone’s hot spot.

People choosing to live their lives in a rural area do not deserve to be penalized by overpriced, slow internet. We offer a solution, one that combines the latest 4G technologies that connect to the major carrier networks. These network connections are incredibly helpful for rural communities, as well as travelers in RV parks and campgrounds.

And, if we do say so ourselves, we’re the best at it. Here are five reasons we outshine the competition in rural wireless services:

#1 – No more SIM cards

Because we run our routers on V-sim technology, you can say goodbye to dealing with the hassle of SIM card problems.

#2 – You don’t have to buy a new router

One of the biggest issues we have found is that customers don’t want to buy a new router each time they change carriers. Easy Choice routers run on all three major carriers: AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. The benefit to you is that your router will automatically latch onto whichever carrier has the strongest signal at the moment in your area. If you are remote, you can instantly start feeding your home or RV high-quality internet data. This means you don’t have to set TTLs, APNs or any other type of router configurations that can be difficult and time-consuming.

We know that some service providers are on a router “blacklist” for “inappropriate use.” Their customers must constantly buy a new router for connectivity. With Easy Choice, you’ll never have to buy another router again.

#3 – Easy Choice Wireless serves rural areas that have had connectivity and access issues

Easy Choice offers users the highest-quality nationwide 4G LTE. We reach these under-served rural areas, providing internet and portable Wi-Fi. Easy Choice is available to all residents off the beaten path in the United States, whether you live outside of a city, suburb or major populated area. You will have internet service wherever you go by combining signals from the major carriers.

#4 – Easy Choice Wireless has a plan to fit your needs

Our Unlimited Wireless Data Plan is proving to be extremely popular. It offers nationwide coverage with no contracts or credit checks. You seamlessly get connectivity with all major carriers, but only one bill. You can upgrade or downgrade the plan at any time. The plan comes with a unique starter kit.

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