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Unlimited Wireless Internet For RV's & Rural America!


Unlimited Wireless Internet: Expanding Boundaries for RVs, Rural America, and More!

Only $149.99/mo

Discover superior connectivity with Easy Choice Wireless. Say goodbye to switching services and SIM cards. Our advanced SIM-less routers and hotspots work on all major carriers, offering optimal coverage and top speeds. Ideal for RVers, Truckers, and rural residents, our devices ensure the best signal wherever you are. Explore unlimited high-speed data tailored for you. Connect with our expert team to find your perfect plan and elevate your internet experience. Choose Easy Choice Wireless for the ultimate upgrade!

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Why Easy Choice Wireless?

No SIM Cards!

Our VSIM router seamlessly switch between all 3 major networks for unparalleled RV and rural internet coverage.

Unlimited Data

Enjoy all the Streaming and browsing you want. No Throttling, No Data Caps

No Equipment to Buy

Buy a plan and choose from a portable travel or home/RV router FREE to use with plan.

Exceptional Support

exceptional in- house customer support 7 Days a week

Call US: (833) 327-9583

Portable Hotspot

We are committed to providing seamless and unrestricted access to data across the nation for truckers, RV enthusiasts, rural communities, and anyone seeking reliable mobile internet. Our premium plan, priced at just $149 per month, offers unlimited data usage, and exceptional in- house customer support 7 Days a week. Join us today for a superior mobile internet experience.

Real Talk From Real Customers

Real talk from our real customers

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What is Easy Choice Wireless?
  • EasyChoiceWireless provides seamless and unrestricted access to data across the nation for truckers, RV enthusiasts, rural communities, and anyone seeking reliable mobile internet.
Is your plan really unlimited?

Yes, our unlimited plan is unlimited.

What does the premium plan offer?

Our premium plan provides unlimited data without any throttling. Additionally, it allows for effortless transitions between the 3 major carriers.

No SIM cards are needed?

vSIM technology eliminates the need for physical SIM cards.

What is VSIM Technology

With vSIM technology, the traditional physical SIM card’s information is digitally embedded within your device. This means you can access cellular networks without needing to insert or swap out a physical card. It’s a more seamless and flexible way to stay connected

Do you throttle your data speeds?

We do not throttle speeds on our plans.

How many devices can you connect?

Home/RV vSIM router can support 32 devices while the portable hotspot can support up to 8 devices.

How does the Monthly billing work?

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent, with no hidden charges. When you make your initial plan purchase, we provide the device for you to use at no extra cost, and this amount is prorated. Subsequent monthly payments are due on the 27th of each month, covering your service for the upcoming month. You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription with us whenever you wish.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee.

How can I contact EasyChoiceWireless?
  • You can call them toll-free at (833) 327-9583.
Can I suspend my service?

Yes, you can pause your router service temporarily. Please reach out to our support team at least 5 days before your next billing date to initiate the suspension. For suspensions extending beyond one month, a monthly router fee of $9.99 will be applied starting from the second month until service resumes. If you choose to terminate the service, ensure you return the router to avoid incurring its cost.

What are the expected speeds and latency?

At Easy Choice Wireless, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring our customers enjoy LTE speeds that are both fast and reliable. Our plans are designed to operate at the maximum speeds available, directly harnessed from our network of towers, with no throttling practices implemented.

However, we would like to inform our users that actual connection speeds may vary, typically ranging between 5 and 90 Mbps. These variations are influenced by factors outside our control, such as network congestion, environmental disruptions, and your device’s proximity to our towers.

Regarding latency, similar external factors apply, preventing us from guaranteeing specific latency metrics. While we strive to uphold the highest possible standards of network performance and consistency, it’s important for customers to understand that certain levels of fluctuation are inherent within wireless technology.

We at Easy Choice Wireless value your understanding and patience and want to reassure you that maintaining a superior and consistent service quality remains our utmost priority.

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