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No More Wireless Dead Zones: Getting Enhanced Cellular Coverage Inside Your RV

If you are one of the fortunate people …

Who doesn’t want to travel the country? It is a dream for so many people. If you are one of the fortunate people able to go anywhere at any time, you probably want to have all the luxuries of home. You deserve to have a great Internet connection wherever you “land.” Having a crazy slow Internet signal defeats the purpose of freedom. It is not a good option to be tethered to a hotel or a coffee shop.

Maybe you live in your RV full time, which can be much less expensive than living in a house, or you and your family love to camp in U.S. state and national parks? Having an RV means you don’t have to pay for expensive hotels or cabins when you go to the most beautiful spots on earth.

There’s just one difficulty: Staying connected to the Internet and phone service can be a challenge if you’re exploring the nomadic life. Dead zones are all over the place, and often in the least convenient spots. Traveling in an RV can put you in areas with bad reception leading to “dropped” or spotty calls when you need to be on time for a remote work meeting. Perhaps you really need to contact a family member, friends or clients. What if you miss a text message because it couldn’t come through?

When you are on the open road, or in the woods, dead spots can be quite frustrating. The dead spots where you have little or no WiFi signal at all are due to interference or not having enough towers that are close together. The obstructions interfere with WiFi’s radio waves, often when trying to stretch a signal over a vast area.

We are not happy when the router signal can’t reach a tower at all, leaving us stranded. Mountains, rock, stretches of coastline, long stretches of highway and deserts can be problematic and responsible for crippling a connection between routers and access points to client devices.

These are the problems we solve. You do not want poor mobile reception, so we will make sure that does not happen. RV’ers need a strong signal because they depend on connectivity for all devices, all of the time. Superior service from Easy Choice Wireless helps avoid dead zones across the U.S. and assures you a better mobile signal when you are traveling in your RV. 

Easy Choice Wireless is number one when it comes to nationwide rural Internet and portable WiFi. We provide superior, unlimited rural Internet with the highest speeds and best router quality available—4G LTE. We give you a great, compact travel router that makes it easy to get service on the road so you are not dealing with Internet connectivity issues in the great outdoors. The on-the-go traveler wants to stay connected. We make this possible with the Easy Choice Router, which offers a number of features to make any journey easier.

It is so easy because all you need to do is plug in your new device and start browsing or making calls. Whichever carrier has the strongest signal near your location will automatically connect and begin feeding your RV high quality Internet data. 

We care about our RV customers and support your enthusiasm. You no longer have to swap out your SIM cards and pay for pricey mobile plans. Our “SIM-less” router, that runs on advanced technology, connects to all of the three major carriers, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T – all at the same time, for the best coverage and internet speeds. If you can receive an LTE signal in your area, we can deliver the Internet to you.

One of the best things about Easy Choice Wireless when you are on the move, is that we have live customer service – no bots or waiting a long time for email responses. Signing up with Easy Choice is the best decision RV lovers can make.

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