Digital Connections for Today’s RV Nomads 

When we think of recreational vehicles, the picture in our minds is usually of a retired older couple living out their golden years in a rickety old camper. Would it surprise you to know that an incredible 11% of U.S. households currently own an RV? The demographic of RV owners has changed from retirees on a pension to 34- to…

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Easy Choice Wireless Outshines the Competition

4 Reasons Easy Choice Wireless Outshines the Competition Finding quality internet service does not have to be complicated. You most likely want a simple experience—a hassle-free process of plugging in a device and easily connecting to email, social media and work tasks. If you have no signal, you are effectively stranded, with no way to communicate on digital devices. For…

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Watch Our New Easy Choice Commercial

Watch it now! Easy Choice Wireless has produced their first commercial. We’re proud to say that we shot the entire thing on the iPhone 13 Pro Max with amazing actors and a tremendous crew, and are proud to introduce our brand ambassador, Easy Choice Eddie. Our goal is to bring quality, reliable, rural and on-the-go internet to a very underserved community.…

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