Watch Our New Easy Choice Commercial

Watch it now! Easy Choice Wireless has produced their first commercial. We’re proud to say that we shot the entire thing on the iPhone 13 Pro Max with amazing actors and a tremendous crew, and are proud to introduce our brand ambassador, Easy Choice Eddie. Our goal is to bring quality, reliable, rural and on-the-go internet to a very underserved community.…

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Wireless High-Speed Data for Nomads

Whether you’re preparing the wonderful cross-country trip you have actually always imagined, or wishing to live a much more mobile lifestyle, there are ways to bring recreational vehicles into the 21st century so you can go off the grid while still staying connected. More than 11% of American households have a recreational vehicle as well as around one million Americans…

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How Fast Is Wireless Internet

Expect speeds of at least 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. Customers typically experience download speeds of 25Mbps.Data speeds can and will vary depending upon various factors: • In home Wi-Fi® isn’t as fast as a wired connection to your Home Wi-Fi Gateway. Use a wired (Ethernet) connection for the best results. • Multiple devices sharing your internet connection…

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