Easy Choice Business Failover Internet

Have you ever lost Internet and had to scramble for a solution?

You know the feeling. Your business is down, your customers are unhappy,
and you’re scrambling to find a backup plan. That’s why we offer 5G Cellular Internet from Easy Choice Wireless as an additional service for our clients. It’s reliable and always on so that when your land-based Internet fails, you can still keep working without interruption.

Plug into our new 5G cellular wireless broadband service!

We help you design the life you want.

Plug into our new 5G cellular wireless broadband service!

We understand how important it is to have uninterrupted access to the
Internet in today’s society. With 5G Cellular Internet from Easy Choice Wireless, we make sure that even if something goes wrong with traditional land-based internet providers like Comcast or AT&T, your business will never lose connection again!
Failover line for seamless internet connection
When you’re a business, your livelihood depends on seamless access to the Internet. As a leader in the telecommunications industry, Easy Choice Wireless knows how important it is to have continuous web connectivity. So we included a failover line that can automatically detect land-based disruptions and connect through our mobile 5G cellular network seamlessly for uninterrupted service wherever you are!

Plug into our new 5G cellular wireless broadband service!

Stay connected with 5G

Eliminate losses due to outages

Affordable rural broadband plans

Fastest internet speeds available

Keep your clients happy and loyal

Up to 10 times faster

Unlimited data plans

Select 4G LTE or 5G landline